The Self-Acceptance Movement & Platform for Women, "Women Who Look Like Me"

The Self-Acceptance Movement & Platform for Women, "Women Who Look Like Me"

I recently wrote about my journey as a woman unapologetically passionate about saying goodbye to the unrealistic standards of beauty and leaving more room for what feels authentic. Fully present in that empowering revelation, I felt compelled to do something to promote the diverse composition of women further. What began as a simple idea for a t-shirt movement has since become a platform on Instagram uniting and urging women everywhere to embrace themselves as they are through authentic storytelling, creative expression, and thought leadership content.

“I don't have realistic expectations or unambiguous descriptions of beauty. Why? Beauty isn't clear-cut. Beauty is versatile enough to be whatever I want it to be. I have the power to invent my own brand of beautiful. Beauty gives me that.”

At a time when equality and visibility (without shame) is crucial to our ongoing plight, treatment, and condition as women, this is my contribution to our active voice as both a collective and as individuals. To our revolution. By virtue of love, respect, acceptance, support, encouragement, and the gratitude to daily inspire one another, our wars are best fought and won, together. 

Join me in this sisterly movement to connect with ourselves and embrace women all over the world. As we are. Our voices, our creations.

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