What We Should All Take Away From Nipsey Hussle's Death


It's okay if you haven't listened to his music enough to be able to identify his songs on the radio, or that you had to Google Crenshaw to understand why his absolutely tragic and senseless murder—at the age of just thirty-three, in the parking lot of his Marathon Clothing store located in the middle of his beloved hood—cuts the West Coast the deepest. And it's okay if you prejudged him based on the aforementioned.

What matters is that you acknowledge the irrefutable and profound positive impact—Grammy-nominated rapper, creative, entrepreneur, tech geek, and community leader—Nipsey Hussle has left behind in what should be all of our minds and hearts. 

If we take away anything from this sad premature loss of someone who believed, “The highest human act is to inspire,” let it be this: Make it happen for yourself. A self-made entrepreneurial genius, if one thing is for sure it's that Nipsey wasn't in the business of making excuses, building his net worth reported to be in the millions of dollars. Love. Your loudest, your proudest. Nipsey showed just as much love as he received, primarily to his South Central LA community where he gave back (including providing job opportunities and educational resources), and championed tirelessly to uplift.

The overwhelmingly unexpected surge of unity and love amassed by the man born Ermias Asghedom convincingly stretches far beyond our own purview. (Or just ask Barack Obama. He paid tribute to the late great in a letter.)