Don’t waste your beautiful mind doing ugly things.
— Melissa M. Tripp

Melissa M. Tripp (born January 14, 1987) is an Afro-European poet, writer, author, butch lesbian, and feminist from Boston, Massachusetts. Her work explores and expresses themes of abstraction, love, identity, vulnerability, empowerment, and healing. When asked what inspiration for her is in an interview with London-based writer and blogger Bianca Bass, she says: "Sometimes I think we complicate inspiration trying to dissect it and confine it to one room. I'm learning to just let it be magic and mystery." Her first book, 'root', a powerfully raw and characteristically ambiguous collection of poetry—published in 2015 and met with a generous reception—was once described as "an emotional package of walkways into an array of personal inner self, and also the beating heart of an open road of discovery." Melissa has since established her widely regarded prose both nationally and internationally, with Nylon Magazine dubbing her one of "12 Female Poets To Watch" in 2016; her work has been seen on ABC7 News and the NFL Network.